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Spring Update

I realize that it has been some time since we posted anything and for this I apologize. We do have our reasons though. I think it's fair to say that we have been pretty busy! Over the past few weeks work has progressed on several fronts. By now you may have noticed our upcoming kits for the D&RG 4000 series 30' boxcar. We are making a few accuracy corrections and we are in the process of preparing the masters for the castings that will go with the kits. I have to tell you, these are really cool little cars! A little different than the standard D&RG boxcar that will stand out and offer some variety. Along with the 4000, work has progressed on the On3 gearbox. We are expecting the first pass of the casting set by the end of the month. Other news is that in a few weeks we will have our P64 36" rims ready to ship, along with decals for early D&RG locos and cabooses. Over teh coming months there will be a lot more new and interesting parts and kits so we invite you to check back often and by all means, reach out to say hi!

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