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TLS Locomotive Works


The TLS line of limited run locomotive kits are designed to proto standards with the utmost attention to detail. Each locomotive is carefully researched designed using Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD). Major components are mechanically etched in nickel silver by experienced craftsman supplemented by fine lost wax castings primarly from our own hand and computer built patterns, cast in the finest brass or white zinc to address the unique needs of the perfectionist. All drives feature coreless rare earth magnet motors that are torque and speed matched to provide the nearest scale speeds with maximum pulling power and resistance to stall. Most of our locomotives are equipped with our own cast brass gearboxes that use NWSL gears and ball bearings for excellent performance and durability.


These fine products are available in flexible formats. That is, we can provide any degree of raw components for those who prefer to "roll your own" or we can provide professionally finished to your tastes ready to run and all points in between.



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