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Custom Finishing

The Leadville Shops can finish your prized models to exacting specifications. We take pride in delivering the best quality in finishes and value for the money. We can prepare custom lettering to suit your specifications, as well as instal and test DCC sound and control.


The Process

Each model is carefully cleaned and prepared to ensure the best possible paint finish. Preparation begins with stripping off any old paint and cleaning any visible excess solder. The model is thoroughly inspected for loose or cold solder joints and all questionable joits are repaired.


The model is then ultrasonically cleaned with industrial degreaser and cleaning agents. Afterwards, the model is grit blasted and then ultrasonically cleaned again. After several days of drying time, the painting process begins.


We paint with either lacquer based paints or high quality enamels such as Scalecoat or Humbrol. We apply several thin coats followed by several hours of baking.


Final finishing is done to suit your taste. We have several processes that provide stunning results.


We are also fully qualified to install and test DCC sound, control and lights.


How much does it cost?

Every model is different and some are more work than others. How much the job costs is determined by the amount of time it takes. We charge our standard bench rate of $40/hr. To provide a budgetary guide, a steam locomotive that has 3 colors and invovles masking typically costs $400 to clean and paint. A simpler two color steam locomotive typically costs $280. If the model arrives painted and needs to be stripped, that can take 2-4 hours depending on how well it was painted in the first place. The best thing to do is contact us and let's dicuss.

D&RG Rotary OM in Sn3. It started life as an OMI model but was backdated to ca. 1910. It has a custompaddle wheel and is motorized with DCC lights and sound.

RGS Class 60 in Sn3. Custom built and finished with Scalecoat and Alclad lacquer. Equppied with DCC control, lighting and sound.

D&RG K-27 #450. Custom built from a PBL K-27. Custom decals, DCC control, lighting, and sound.

Argentine Central #1 Sn3. Kitbashed from an OMI shay but with a scratchbuilt frame, cab, and fuel bunker. Custom in house decals finish it off.

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