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About The Leadville Shops

The Leadville Shops is solely owned and operated by Robert Stears and Doug Junda. Our prime directive is to produce simply the most accurate and fun to build model railroad products possible. We realized that the technology of production and engineering enable the availability of some truly spectacular models and by focusing this new technology, these models will redefine our hobby of model railroading. To this end, we are constantly investigating new processes and tools to bring you the best kits possible. It's no secret that over the past decade or so, off shore manufacturing and assembly plants have produced some very nice RTR models. It is our hope to bring the hobby of building fine models back to the forefront. These products are domestically designed and manufactured right here in the USA.



Robert Stears

Bob's interest in railroading began in early childhood with frequent weekend family trips exploring Colorado ghost town, mining and railroad history.  After seeing the last days of the Narrow Gauge during a trip to Alamosa, Chama and Durango in the mid '60's, he began scratch building Colorado prototypes as a means of experiencing the roads of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Bob has always sought the connection between the models and the prototypes of the past and has often said "we need to bring these prototypes back to life through our models."  Bob especially enjoys scratch building models of seldom modeled early Colorado narrow gauge equipment.  He considers himself to be a historian, researchers and model builder.  He is especially interested in the DSP&P, C&S, F&CC, Colorado & Northwestern Colorado Midland and the D&RG.  Although Bob currently doesn't have a layout, a pike centered on the Leadville area prior to the 1893 silver crash is definitely in his future.  Bob collects On3 brass models as well as a few HO scale models of the broad gauge Colorado Midland, C&S and D&RGW.  He also collects photos and post cards of his favorite prototypes and has a wonderful collection of Colorado railroad passes. 


Doug Junda

Doug has always been interested in trains and, like most people, his first experience was a American Flyer set at Christmas.  His first true interest in Model Railroading started by modeling the Santa Fe in HO.  At age 15 he joined a model railroad club in New York and learned how to truly build a model railroad.   In the mid 70’s he became interested in modeling Colorado Narrow Gauge after a trip to that State and began building MDC, Kemtron and Keystone engines in Hon3.  Doug switch to 3/16 scale narrow gauge in the late 70's after meeting a few Sn3 modeler at Harry's Depot in New York.  Doug moved to Colorado in the early 80's.  He met Bill Meredith a number of years ago thru the old DSPP mail group. Doug models the C&S and Colorado Midland and has a strong interest in the Maine two foot lines.  


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