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BB-48R Black Beauty 48:1 -Ready to install
  • BB-48R Black Beauty 48:1 -Ready to install

    Available SOON! Awaiting revised gears! Check back soon!

    The BB-48 is a 48:1 ball bearing drive gearbox with an input shaft 1.07" center line height from the drive axle. Drive axle diameters are 3mm, 1/8" and 4mm etc and are made to order. Ideal for small On3/On30 locos, large Sn3 locos, and small standard gauge S locos. The gearbox features a top mounted, centered mounting boss enabling installation in On3 Mason Bogie 2-6-6s where the boiler weight needs to be centered over the #2 axle. The gearbox comes factory assembled and lubricated; ready to install.
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