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Welcome to the Leadville Shops homepage! We are a group of like minded modelers and historians who strive to deliver simply the finest model railroad products that modern technology and manufacturing methods can provide. Each of our products is developed using state of the art computer processing in both design and manufacturing. Sticklers for accuracy, every product is thoroughly researched and vetted by historians and every product is manufactured right here in the USA.



Hi Everyone! I wanted to let everyone know what's been going on lately. As most know, Doug made the decisive move to acquire GrandtLine, San Juan Car, San Juna Decals, and American Limited Models. That said, they are *extraordinarily* busy managing the logistics of two huge moves from California to Colorado, not to mention learning some serious new ropes and skills. This will take some time. The Grandt family, John Engstrom and Bob Staat have been nothing short of awesome providing help and guidance through this time.  

We ask for patience and understanding while steam is being built up.

The Leadville Shops product line will also be under some restructuring as clearly the needs of Grandt and San Juan take over.  The Leadville Shops will continue to produce limited run in the future.  We plan on releasing lasrr cut kits, and brass casting from time to time.  For the short term we will be working on getting the business up and going.

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